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ASO’s Diary

ASO's Diary

Miracle Year: 2017

I have not been able to write for months. While I am making plans to write from the very beginning, even before a week has passed, the country is saddened by shocking events that are coming in order. The…

ASO's Diary

Today’s His Birthday

I used to believe that I am not lucky. I told myself that I created my own chances in each case, by working hard. Then I learned that luck depends on the point of view. I noticed more areas…

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Essence of the Word

I am very excited as I’m writing this post. While I’m preparing this site, I didn’t want to limit the subjects by posting about only Turkish women and Turkey, I also wanted to write on the lives of women…

ASO's Diary

My Introduction to 40+ Professionals

When I was talking to a friend who was 8-10 years older than me about the changes in my life a while ago, sympathetically she said to me: ‘’My sweetie, you are going to experience the awareness process of…

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Alas! I’m having a website

My story of not being over-hyped about websites is one year old. I have my own blog made first. Then I have some experience through the websites of the associations and companies that I am present at the management.…