A Guide Of Madanno Di Campiglio for Families

A Guide Of Madanno Di Campiglio for Families 674 307 Aylin Satun Olsun

I do not know when I read it, but there were some recommendation that I admired. It says that you should get 3 hobbies; one to make money, one to maintain your health, one to be happy. A wise approach and advice.

 After Arda Ege was born, I decided to learn skiing, a decision I had been postponing for years. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s a great sport which allows you to spend your time together with your family and empty your mind at the same time. After we’ve gained our confidence in skiing after a few years of practice, we’ve started to going abroad. On this track, we’ve had the opportunity to show new cultures to our son, and skiing on really long, well-maintained tracks has been very enjoyable.

 Last year, we decided to go to Italy and we chose the Madonna Di Campiglio region. Madonna di Campiglio is located in the north of Italy. You can get here from Milan or Venice by a 2.5 – 3 hour drive. As I mentioned in the beginning, this article includes small suggestions and promotional purposes for those who want to ski abroad and to evaluate different country alternatives. Thus, I think that it will be useful for some careful families who want to make a family holiday.

 You may think that this holiday will be a luxury these days when our money devaluates too much against the € and USD. As a comparison, I can say that if you have a vacation plan for 5 days in Uludag during the semester period, you will be able to spend this holiday equivalent to it; depending on the hotel and restaurant you choose, your expenses can reach different dimensions. I can say that the suggestions here are valid for families who can make a high season holiday in Uludag.

 Madonna Di Campiglio is a town in the heart of the region called Dolomitis in the Alps, in the north of Italy. You can get there by taking a 3-hour car journey from Milan or Venice. This region has been under the domination of Austria for many years, so you can also feel German culture’s influences. It is even claimed that the Austrian King has used here as a summer resort, thus there’s a bias against the place’s recognition as a ski resort. It is still one of the popular routes for trekking, cycling and motorcycle enthusiasts in summer apart from skiing, since this region is open for 12 months, not just for winters.

 We chose to go to the region through Venice, but at the same time we rented a car since we would like to spend a day in Venice and want to visit the region as well. We rented the vehicle from www.rentalcars.com. With the traditional Italian approach, of course, we faced some unexpected problems while taking the car, but thanks to the site customer service, we eventually took care of the problem and got the car and took off. Rental prices are more competitive and convenient than Turkey, but I must say that your language skills are critical when it comes to solving problems: ((

 If you only need a transfer from the airport to the hotel for skiing, there are many transfer companies, and the prices are around 35-40 € for one way, per person.

 If you ask why we go to Madonna Di Campiglio, I would like to write according to my preferences;

– It’s got a very long and safe runway. Only Madonna Di Campiglio has over 50 lifts in the town and over 150 km of runways. With Pinzano and Marilleva, the total slip area has risen to over 300 km by tunnel and lifts, making it one of the Europe’s most ambitious ski regions.

– The skiing area is not only on a mountain, but also from hill to hill, you’ll have a long, cozy and enjoyable track among the towns.

– Thanks to the different lift alternatives, there are no lifting queues. You can slide long distances without losing time, so it is possible to jump areas of 7-8 km or even longer.

– There are a variety of tracks and alternatives for each level of skiing, including safer blue tracks especially for families and new learners. There are safe tracks here that will overtake your limits.

– Madonna Di Campiglio is a valley located at an altitude of 1500 mt; surrounded by the Dolomites. Usually, the place you choose for your accommodation will be close to the lifts because there are gondolas (lifts) to reach more than one pistes. Generally, after every 50-100 meters, equal to a walking distance of 5-10 minutes, you can start to ski. For the accomodation I used booking.com. According to your bill, there are a wide range of accommodation options such as chalets and studio rooms. Crystal Palace, Villa Principe, Hotel Lorenzetti, Ambiez Residence Hotel are from the alternatives I know.

– If you think that you want not only to ski but also to visit different places at the same time, this is an alternative which will make you happy. Along the way, you can see many lakeside settlements or historic areas. Toblino Lake and Cittadella are among some of the places where I can recommend.

  Traveling is like a therapy, while you’re discovering other countries and places, you are also discovering yourself, resting and getting away from the worries of everyday life. Especially during the extraordinary periods of our times, our daily worries and fears are so dominant that this trip has been very good in terms of recognizing and remembering the beauty of this life, nature and the variety in the world.

See you on another travelling day …


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