7 Strategies to Help You Find A Mentor in Business Life

7 Strategies to Help You Find A Mentor in Business Life 1280 853 Aylin Satun Olsun

It is not possible to succeed alone in life. Each of us is influenced by someone in business life. The fastest and most effective way to pursue our career is to find people who will be a resolute model professional by her / his personality and behavior.

The role of education in career development is great. We are trying to improve ourselves by reading books about successful people’s lives, listening interviews and watching successful people’s podcasts and videos.

A mentor that you can meet face to face in a periodic fashion, or online, will help you to master the obstacles you apply internally to yourself. The hardest part here is finding such a person. Matching and meeting with a mentor that is right for you is not an easy process. Even if you have found her, it is a painful process to have her volunteer time for you in the intensity of business life.

I wanted to share with you 7 strategies that could be effective in finding a mentor;

1- Be proactive. Go directly to the person you appreciate as a role model. Contact, demand your mentor. Even the interviews will get you a lot.

2- You do not have to look for a mentor in your own industry / profession. Even finding different perspectives in different sectors and professions can be much more beneficial in terms of finding innovative ideas to gain a different perspective. Your lucky work may be more than one mentor.

3- You can request to get in-house mentorship by contacting Human Resources within the company. Another source is non-governmental organizations.

4-The relationship of mentoring must be based on mutual benefit. How can you ask how experienced people will benefit from the mentoring relationship they will spend time with? However, people who come to a certain level in their career increase their desire to help, share and contribute. For this reason, they want to help when they find a hard working person who is serious about it.

5-Request predefined, very short time slots.

Most successful people want to share and help. The limited one is, unfortunately, time for them. When asking for mentoring, suggest small times as small as a coffee break in the mall at the time he suggests. These negotiations improve your relationship, imcrease sharing and are not compelling for the mentor.

6-Prepare to show the seriousness of the meeting.

If you have 15 minutes to do your homework, prepare your questions, listen carefully.

Share the impact of the previous meeting with the mentor in subsequent meetings.

7-Share the benefit. If you find an inexperienced person, enlarge the source by mentoring it.

You can volunteer as a mentor in an association or your own institution. Do not forget that this relationship will also magnify you.

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