About me


Hello. I am Aylin. My biological age is 40+, but what I felt 30…

I was born in Zonguldak / Eregli. I visited the city 40 years after I was born. As a child of a civil servant, I grew up living in different cities of Anatolia and kneading in different cultures.

On the verge of finishing high school with the influence of my father who wants me to study law and be a judge, in the last year I made a sudden choice  in favor of Political Science and International Relations because of the recommendations of my teachers and its popularity in those years.

As I live in different cities in Anatolia until the age of 18, I can summarize my academic years as the years when I settled down, adapted  to the tempo of a metropol and finally I began to aware myself . Furthermore I met with my husband for a journey that gave us my son Arda Ege.

When I realized that I would not be a diplomat in the first grade of the school, my attempts to find a career during my college life went through lots of summer vacations that filled with internships.

I graduated from Marmara University International Relations Department in 1994. Then I made a master degree on European Union Studies at Istanbul University.

My first work experience was in a textile company. I started to work as a Marketing Specialist.

More than twenty years, I have undertaken different jobs  in various fields in the corporate life. I have the opportunity to develop experience in key areas such as marketing, logistics, production planning. Then I finally decided to go for Human Resources.

I had more than ten years of experience as a middle and top level manager. Alongside well known global corporations , I also worked in the major Turkish companies as Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Director, Human Resource Vice President  .

Now I’m trying out a new career: entrepreneurship. I provide consultancy and training support to the corporations for leadership development and talent assessment and diversity&inclusion topics.

One of the most important passion in my life is to be a part of volunteer activities. I always a member of a few NGOs.  I currently  a board member of PWN Istanbul, Propeller and Turkey Science Center Foundations.

I am certified  CTI Coach. I also coach business leaders as performance and innovation mentor.

In addition, I like travelling, blogging ,learn something new …I constantly wonder how I can do more…

“What are the values ​​that make me?”, the answer is also without a doubt: “openness, justice, loyalty and openness to learning…”

My warmest regards,

Aylin Olsun

Conference-Key Note Speaker

Aylin Satun Olsun gives speech and conference at universities, schools and company meetings.

Expertise areas :

  • Diversity&Inclusion
  • Women empowerment
  • Culture and change
  • Women empowerment
  • Digitisation and HR transformation
  • HR 4.0 and Changing role of HR
  • Unconscious Bias
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