Akyaka: Golden Tips From Four Families With Children

Akyaka: Golden Tips From Four Families With Children 3264 2448 Aylin Satun Olsun

I was in Akyaka last week.

We have been going to Bodrum for 4 years with 4 families.

This year, we decided to go to Akyaka for 3 days before Bodrum. Vehicles were rented from Bodrum airport. Rooms are reserved in a small motel. Coves are visited, Akyaka-Akbük, one of the destinations defined as ‘the last untouched places’, is planned to be seen.

The first photos are from Ayka Motel. A small, charming motel. The house-keeper, Mistress Esra, gave us a full Concierge service. She made our stay a lot flexible by making dinner reservations and boat organizations herself.

It takes 1-1.5 hours from Milas Airport to Akyaka. After settling in the hotel, we went to Kordon Restaurant for a brunch style meal. You need to come here for breakfast or fish in the morning. We were first acquainted with Akyaka on the edge of the Azmak River with various teas and sundry breakfasts. Your are able to eat your food and cool off at the same time, while your feet are in the Azmak river. Another alternative for this area is Vira Vira I guess. We need to open a separate bracket for Azmak. I think that travel has not been completed without going to Akyaka and fully entering the water in Azmak. In my photo, my son is trying to get used to 5-6 degrees of water. On the same day’s evening he began to swim in this cool waters. :))

Akyaka is a typical seaside town. Especially after the TV series ‘Beautiful Villager’, domestic tourism has increased here. There were  mainly domestic tourists. Unfortunately, there isn’t a regular structure for the settlement. On the other hand, it has became a cosmopolitan place that you can see people from every level of income. During the day, the beaches are very crowded especially on the weekends. This complicated image scared us a bit and we managed to double our boat cruise  organization that we planned for one day. In this wonderful voyage, we swam in the sea and ate fabulous food. We listened to the story of 2 different captains in 2 days and got to know new people.

There are two different cruise routes in Akyaka: 1st one is centered on Sedir Island and the 2nd is centered around English Harbor. We did not opt ​​for the 2nd route which is about 2.5-3 hours distance, since it was important to have enough time to swim and relax in the tranquil surroundings.

Prices for the 1st route vary around 650-1000 TL per day, depending on season and quality. We used Dogancan Reis and White Island boats. Dogancan Reis boat is a family boat, built for day trips. Celal Captain and his wife are touring together.   We listened to their dialogues with admiration. The food is fabulous and of course, the cook is the wife of the Celal Captain. She never stopped during the tour. She cooked, washed the dishes, even used the boat. The woman was everywhere, but every trick of this woman was a trick from the old generation of Anatolian women. In the tour, apart from eating and swimming, you can fish, go on a jump race and if you are ambitious, you can challenge the captain in a game of okey. The boats are not fiber, but are made from new wood.

The captain of the White Island boat, Tahsin Bey, has been a chef in 5-star hotels, both local and abroad, for years. Then he’s built this boat. He’s gone back to his homeland. On both boats, hygiene, flavor and customer focus are on stage.

If you are just a family with children and you want to bear your own children’s noise only, if you want both leisure and entertainment, if you are afraid of boarding boat tours but want to try it in a small scale,

Dogancan Reis Daily Tour – 0533 344 8918

White Island Daily Tour – 0536255 35 95 tahsinbalikoglu@hotmail.com

Let’s talk about Azmak… Azmak passes through Akyaka and it has two branches. It is said that the water is sodic. Even when the outside air is 35-36 celsius degrees, the water temperature is below 10 degrees… The important thing is, as you pass the river by boat, after a while you feel like you are in the middle of an untouched nature. You see the colorful bright mosses in the glass-like water… When you pass by the ducks, you can see the people who have put their feet in the water at restaurants and enjoy their evenings… Even all these images aren’t give you a feeling as good as when you get after actually throwing yourself into the water and experience its beauty. The final scene of this story should be that you throw yourself into the icy waters of Azmak and ended up laughing at the same jumping at it…

People say “To get to know your friends, go for a vacation with them.” It is a correct suggestion in many ways, but it was the children who tied us to each other in these 4 families. In the same main class, 4 boys and 2 girls with a joint history of only 1 year brought us together. We are happy. Mothers and fathers of different characters are having good time and enjoying different experiences thanks to their children. I want to write the tips of a good holiday organization in a few lines.

– If you are going on a vacation as a group, you will either work as an organizer or approve the plan. There is no middle way.

– It’s a fact that everyone’s choice won’t be possible. The solution may be to prefer the majority of children’s decision or if the environment is suitable, everyone will do their own preferance.

– There are no sides in children’s fights. If you do not want to keep struggling with your nerves after they make peace in just 10 minutes, do not get involved. – – Think of yourself as a mother and a wife on this holiday. Let the spouse and the child see their own business. No vocations on vacation.

– After all, it’s a holiday. Sometimes, leaving the flow without making a plan is the most beautiful thing to do. Imagine you might have fun in your rhyme.

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