How Does Freedom Make You Feel?

How Does Freedom Make You Feel? 1280 744 Aylin Satun Olsun

  I talked about fears last week. I admit that for me, the fear of losing freedom is the most prominent one. I have assessed freedom in a social context before. This week I want to write about the feeling of FREEDOM itself. Before I wrote this article, I’ve seen the activities or situations that make you feel free in general when I call search the word freedom on Google. Walking in the rain, walking against the wind, swimming, having the necessary conditions to manage your life, traveling, sports etc. are written as liberating activities. But feeling free is not exactly explained . What is the feeling of freedom? What does it look like? How do you feel when you say “I’m free.”? I’ve been think about defining this feeling lately.

 Even trying to describe freedom or writing about it makes me feel good. I say ‘freedom’ and listen to myself. Like a bird with its wings open in the sky, my body crosses its boundaries, I expand and grow. Not only my body, but my heart also grows with every breath I take, with that emotion; you feel self-confident, feasible and energetic.

 If you are free;

 -You can imagine, you do not put a limit on your dreams.

 -You have energy for desiring and taking action, and you move whole-heartedly.

 -You feel happy with the freedom of being exist. You think your individuality has a value.

 – It’s important that you do not just have the right to do what you want, you can also don’t what you do not want, you can choose. It’s strength.

 Writing is a strong feeling of freedom; you can overcome your limits thanks to it, you may develop by opening the borders of your mind like the wings of birds; but feeling free to write requires a serious developmental journey and courage. The moment you say I can write everything, your conscious can even clench your ideas. Apart from saying; when you begin to be afraid of thinking, even whispering it to yourself, the area of ​​freedom that is expanding expires; the boundaries, fears are beginning to come forward again. You are personally afraid of being so open, you are afraid that what you write is unlikely to be appreciated, you are influenced by social barriers and perceptions and finally, you are looking at yourself, to see that the one once whose arms open till the end, who feels freedom in her huge heart; becomes as reclused as a kitten.

 At this time, I write, first of all to try to overcome the obstacles I have put myself and to liberate my mind and my emotions. This is not a bad process but there is a long way to go.
 Now I’m starting a new post on the blog. What are we planning next?

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