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After establishing my own business, I do not know where new acquaintances and new dialogues will take me. These acquaintances bring new dialogue, new dialogue brings new ideas and excitement to the agenda.

I met with Menekse Polatcan Serbest, the owner of the Humanist Publishing House, at the PWN Istanbul meetings, which organization I have been a member of the board of directors recently. She aims to deliver books to business life and business life to wider communities.

We both have a HR Career History, been raised as a child of a military officer. We like to learn and try new things. After the meeting with PWN Istanbul, one morning, we met again for breakfast. We first knew each other better, talked for hours and intended to cooperate both in the world of volunteerism and in our business life.
What I write on my website sometimes gets more positive reactions than I thought. A few months after my interview, one day Ms. Menekse called me and said she was following my posts and wanted to cooperate. I listened to her with excitement and eventually this project came out.

As two female entrepreneurs, we love books.

I will meet once a month with the writers of different issues of management and business. We will discuss their books in detail for that month, and I will try to share the book and the author’s personal comments and views on that subject.

I’m curious about the reaction. I have not yet decided on the writing method and approach of this writing series, but I think it will sit after a few attempts. Your suggestions and criticism will also lead my direction.
The authors will not only belong to the Humanist Publishing House. Authors who are written in different publishing houses but belong to the Humanist Writers’ Agency will also be included. With the suggestions, this network can definitely expand.

We devoted the first book review to “China’s traditional Face-Reading Art and Its Uses”. I plan to write in the last week of February after the interview. While talking with the author about interpreting messages on our faces, we will also evaluate how useful it is in business life.
See you in the first book interview.

Aylin Olsun

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