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Essence of the Word 456 300 Aylin Satun Olsun

I am very excited as I’m writing this post. While I’m preparing this site, I didn’t want to limit the subjects by posting about only Turkish women and Turkey, I also wanted to write on the lives of women of other countries and their cultures. The help came from my close friend Turgut SAY. As a guest writer this week, Turgut SAY tells us how Iranian literature is influenced after the Islamic revolution and the role of women in Iranian literature. We supported his article with some selections from the works of Iranian female photographer and film artist Shirin Neshat, named “Women of Allah”. Through this, we tried to introduce you Iranian Literature and Culture. At the same time, our ‘BOOK PROMOTION’ episode has been added to the site and we have tried to introduce a few books from the women writers of Iranian literature, which is also supported by Turgut SAY. The subject does not end with this week’s article. In the second part of the index, Iranian artists living abroad after the revolution and their influences will be indited. I would like to repeat that you will enrich me further with your contribution to the site via your comments on the posts. Stay Healthy. ASO

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