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 We are at Harbiye Divan Hotel which is one of my favorites. Ms. Sevgi entered in the hotel cafeteria 5 minutes after me and approached the table by saying hello. We sat together after a short greeting. We have never met before with her; I do not count a few email correspondence and last phone call. She said, “You have your grooms.” “Beautiful … this shows the extra energy of life.”, she continued. I read the book before the interview. I was confident that I even tried to analyze myself according to the clues about the technique of face-reading, but I also wondered if Ms. Sevgi herself would tell me about it. When I said I was curious about her comments about me, she continued. “You are from the element of fire. You are a high-energy person working in many ways. It’s hard to manage your energy. At the same time, because you are in the mother archetype, you feel positive and negative energy and collect them. You need to meditate and yoga in order to free your energy and to relax. You are detailed and perfectionist. Your jawbone is sharp, it shows you are competitive… “ A few of these things, and at the same time, she had a lot of comments, from my tendency for cutting labels because of carrying a metal element to my libido. It was not possible to feel unimpressed.

 Sevgi Karaca is the author of the book, “ARE YOU REALLY WHO YOU ARE?” SHe describes herself as a Chinese Face-Reading Specialist, in other words, a “FACE READER”. My dear friend Menekse Hanim’s suggestion caused me read this book and I had no idea about the subject. She also experienced some breaks in her life before she actually entered the field. She studied Geological Engineering; teaching, newspaper administration. She’s trained in coaching to get to know herself and help others. This is not enough, so she focused on different teaching methods. Particularly in the interest of face reading, she has received a series of studies abroad and has taken her place at her own expense. After all, she’s specialized in the subject. I have my own photograph of hers on the cover of the book, but I confess that I am faced with a much weaker, fit and feminine profile than the photo. She is generally a woman of strong or even masculine style. She says that the teachings are very useful to her first and then to her environment. I told her that she was quite young by age, she looked fit and feminine, and that photography was very different. Despite the distant and tough appearance, you feel the sincerity of the conversation, the desire to create the nobility and the benefit, and you know a different personality than your first impressions.

 Ms. Karaca says too: “…Since our very beginning, our preconceptions under the impression of subconsciousness of us. We just have to run our internal intelligence and decide not solely with our logic. We still carry the negative codes of the hunting community in our consciousness. We can use this method as a supporting factor though. ” Face Reading is known as one of the ancient teachings. In the history of China, it lasts up to 3000 BC. Since it was forbidden to touch women during the period of the Yellow Empire, which was ruled in the 3000 BC, the first doctors tried to diagnose the illnesses from afar. Over time, they began to interpret women’s complaints according to their reflections by observing their faces. With these thousands of years of observation and knowledge, they have created enormous information about not only diseases but also their physical and mental characteristics. According to Chinese Teacher, all living things come to the world with a perfect face symmetry. Our ancestry and life experiences can be found in our inherited facial contours. Our facial lines, scars and colors give clues about our personality, today and future; what we inherited from our parents, our talent and health status.

 During our chat, I went out to the familiar path and asked the questions that were caught in my mind about the book. She answered sincerely. Here are the main topics and points as I remember:

 Genetic codes reveal themselves with physical reflections.

We have to embrace our genetic heritage, well or badly. The most important aspect of facial recognition is that it allows the person to identify himself / herself better. It provides great flexibility to predict the risks, weaknesses, alternatives waiting for the person in the life cycle. Although physical interventions are factors that affect reading, other supporting factors can still be interpreted by observing elements, age, skin color, other limbs.

 Face reading can be learned.

 When I see ancient knowledge alongside with the inclusiveness of the analysis, I thought that face interpretation would require more spiritual skills as well. Chinese Face Reading can be learned with the training and coaching services provided by Ms. Sevgi. But one has to know first, that is to say, the level of his / her personal awareness, maturity, focus and seriousness. If you do not practice the training you receive and do not consider it as a specialty, you will not get the benefit you desire. You need to keep your curiosity and learning desire in this regard. In the book, tips about knowing yourself and others in 60 seconds have been given.

 It is possible to identify crime potential by facial reading or to define vendor, manager profile properties.

 I asked Ms. Karaca if the crime tendecy of a profile can be determined by this technique. Everyone has a tendency to impulsivity and suicide, she replied, and she should know how to manage it. Some leaders’ and artists’ faces are analyzed by her in the book. According to her, as long as the person is not under stress, he / she continues his / her normal life; The problem is that how can he / she manage the struggles. She pointed out that some common features such as sharp facial features, blindness in eye circles, eyebrow structure can be interpreted in general as the profile of crime potency. There were experts working in this field abroad.

  Face Reading in the international arena is used for negotiation, relationship management and elections for managers and politicians.

  As a supporting element, facial reading has brought benefits along with other available tools in the areas of selection and placement, negotiations, team management and security sector. Facial reading in corporate life is a very useful tool especially for managers, sales specialists, negotiators and Human Resource managers. At the same time, it is possible to reach clues that will detect health problems in advance through face reading.


 The book is prepared with an academic discipline in detail, 300 pages are easy to read. Parts of the art of face reading, yin yang, balance and elements have been studied in detail in the book, but the most interesting aspect is that every element in the human face such as ears, hair lines, forehead, temple, eyebrows, eyes gives insight to our mental world, and of course personality analysis.

 Michalengelo says: “I chiseled the marble until I free the angel in it.” You can benefit from this booklet to learn the basics of this impressive technique while you are already on your journey to free the angel in yourself, know yourself and others.



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