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I was in Milan this weekend. Unquestionably, one of the cities I have been to most and traveled dozens of times in Europe over the years. This time I think the 20 degrees of temperature, with the advantage of…

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I gave up From being a woman that they dictated to me From fear that’s been laid my back for centuries I gave up From being a man they dictated to me From labels, power struggles Helplesness and anguish,…

ASO Review ASO's Diary

Chinese Art of Face Reading

 We are at Harbiye Divan Hotel which is one of my favorites. Ms. Sevgi entered in the hotel cafeteria 5 minutes after me and approached the table by saying hello. We sat together after a short greeting. We have…

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Love declaration for French Fries

Nowadays, Instagram is splitted into two. On one side, there are posts like “Here my 78 roses and me, the proof of my admirers, haters gonna hate”; on the other side “What’s to do with Valentine’s Day, pass me…