Love declaration for French Fries

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Nowadays, Instagram is splitted into two. On one side, there are posts like “Here my 78 roses and me, the proof of my admirers, haters gonna hate”; on the other side “What’s to do with Valentine’s Day, pass me the menemen” crew continues to post. The red balloons, roses and couple pictures literally occupied the site. Charming statements like “I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow, the meaning of my life.” are comings as a bonus.

  Wow, sir, I do not have any clichés like “It’s a completely commercial day.” or something. Although I dislike rose sellers, I am glad that balloon sellers make money on that day. Today, a bunch of red flying balloons are priced at 100 liras, and I saw a person who just sold 3 bunches in the street – I do not know who’s this lovebird’s beloved, but I loved her too, because she made the balloon guy happy. (I love balloons, you know what happens to me) – I  also want to make a balloon guy happy tomorrow, when the same balloons will be sold for 50 liras, as ordinary.

  Anyway, on this day everyone is announcing their love for their partners, they spare a part of their incomes just for today, as a proof of their devotion. I think there is a mistake here. What you feel about that beautiful “end up being dead, cannot breathe without” is  actually a hormone, even a result of the need for complete instinctive protection / family building that will go to the theory of evolution.

 What about your feelings for French fries? Is it open to any comparison? There’s neither romantism nor charming words, but even its smell isn’t enough for a wedding? Don’t you eat more, despite you know that whenever you eat it, your cholesterol increases and your veins become full of fat? How many pairs continue to coexist if the relationships are proven by scientific explanations that they are harmful for cardiovascular health? (I make an exception for the couples who are present on the intriguing romance series, they love the desperate way of life) But the french fries are not like that, it can’t be given up.

  Let’s say you do not like french fries (how can that happen…?) What about raki-fish table, pizza? The shoes that you look at by gluing your nose to the vitrine and further searching its pictures on the internet without being bored for a moment, watches, clothes? What do you feel about them? Isn’t a raki-fish table the one that really deserves the red roses and words of love? Is there a nicer love than appetizer, melon-cheese, an invitation of “Cheers” and rattling glasses? Do you give up more easily the sweater which you bought with half of your salary than your 2 months old love? (the hormones will come and go, but that sweater will warm you for at least 2 years) And a pizza, whenever you want a piece of it, it’s on your door after a maximum of 45 minutes. Which of your dearests can come to your door whenever you need them in that time? For example, that watch you bought with obsession, can you continue to love your partner you bought roses today as in old days, once she brokes or loses it? Could anything be like the old times?

  Oh, no. The love you feel for French fries, raki-fish tables, the watch of your dream is not hormonal, it is permanent, it’s life itself. Do not occupy your head with your lover ignore the French fries today. It has always been here, always will be. We can not say the same for the person who’s next to you.

  With love.

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