There are many advantages of being a mother.

One is the possibility of networking thanks to my son. I can make new friends. In the last 4-5 years, contributions of my son cannot be ignored in my life, when I look at the new people I’ve been introduced. Thus, I see that networking by children is an important topic.

That’s how I know Dilara. My son’s class friend’s mother, a mother of two. She is a charming and friendly woman. She comforts people when they talk with her. Moreover, she has a lot of creative and aesthetic pleasures.

She left her job and started to raise her children. After years of language school management and then logistics management at a family company, she said ‘my children first’ and took a break from her business life. She abandoned a process, but on the other hand, while she were spending time with her children, she found the opportunity for going deep into her hobby ‘EATING-DRINKING’. Pastry, cake ornament, world cuisine… From a course to another with a desire more than eating, she were feeding and developing her goals by ‘learning the work at its school’. Children were of course very satisfied with this situation. To go to Dilara’s house means to have the wonderful cakes and pastries on the plate.

Later on, she wanted to pursue a more extensive education on this subject and continued her education in Chef & Owner at the Academy of Culinary Arts for 5 months. She were waking up very early in the morning and did not come home before 21.00, but never mind. Her husband and parents were supporting her because she was pursuing after her passion.

From time to time, she was talking about her dreams. The boy is little now, but I may open a blog and share what I’ve learnt, she said. On the other hand, her dreams are too big to be conquered. She wanted to open a ‘fine dining’ private restaurant for Turkish cuisine in Istanbul.
Everything happened all of a sudden. In recent times, “Ask universe for everything and leave it to the flow” is a popular notion, and I think Dilara did it. Her dream was so lively and active in her head that she became a café owner, even though she did not expect it.

Dilara is sitting on a site in Ataşehir. Her site has a cafeteria, near the pool it serves both at lunchtime and in the evening. When they were sitting in the cafeteria some day, they found out that the cafeteria operator wants to transfer the cafeteria. Why don’t you take it, you can do it, you cannot… and within a week, Dilara has her own cafe in the site: CAFE DE SOLE.

Everything changed from the beginning to the end when Dilara took the business: Bright, white, immaculate table sheets, minimal designs… As the name implies, it has become a place that shines as the Sun of Dilara. Cafe De Sole’s kitchen is given to Chef Murat Şahinkaya, a close friend of Dilara from the Academy of Culinary Arts. The entire team has been together from the beginning.

Children love home meatballs and mosaic cake. I like seafood, graves and of course, salads.
This has been a site cafe, but now it is a meeting point where we are gathered together as families or friends and have a pleasant time.

If you pass by there and want to go to the cafe, just say “I came to Dilara’s cafe.” at the entrance door of the site. Try it once at least, I suggest.

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