Where To Start? – Practical Notes for Enterpreneurs 1 /KOSGEB Incentives

Where To Start? – Practical Notes for Enterpreneurs 1 /KOSGEB Incentives 1536 1024 Aylin Satun Olsun

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy way to set up your own business. And if you have worked for many years in salaried jobs, you have to first learn to enjoy the ambience. Even so, you will play a game of entrepreneurship. It’s a funny and adventurous game. The rules are both specific and ambiguous. You have the flexibility but if you do not have self-discipline, you can be the hero of a story that ends in the beginning. The concept of being multi-faceted in corporate life means that you will be a secretary, driver, office size, operation, business developer and marketing specialist of a company.

…But this is a passion… If you want to try something new, go out of the comfort zone, constantly learn, stay fresh live the proud of what you’ve done, then you welcome to the world of entrepreneurs.

In recent days, support for new entrepreneurs has benn increased from TL 30.000 to TL 50.000, and the incentive to give this rate to women without repayment at a rate of 80% has been brought into agenda again.

Especially for entrepreneurs, micro female entrepreneurs, I decided to write this article in the sense of guiding.

What is the new entrepreneurship support?

– It’s given to people who have completed 9 days of entrepreneurship training given by KOSGEB approved institutions,

– It is unrecognized government support for female and male entrepreneurs who have not established a company in the past and will officially form the company for the first time after this training, especially covers the cost of establishing the company, the office furniture and the computers in the installation. If you pay for equipment, office rent, personnel expenses on the company’s behalf and paid from the company account through the bank, 80% of the expenses are paid by the female entrepreneurship fund and you are encouraged by KOSGEB. Encouragement means not credit, so there is no pay back. On the other hand, you are making expenditures on the company account from the items mentioned before at the first hand, then the state pays back a maximum of 80% within the limits stated as incentive to the state. So there’s no pre-payment.

The most important condition is that you have to take 9 days of new entrepreneurship education and establish the company afterwards. If you already have a company, you cannot benefit from this incentive or if you have not been trained.

KOSGEB attaches great importance to entrepreneurs’ education; Half of the established companies in Turkey, unfortunately, are shut down within a year. For this reason, KOSGEB is trying to teach entrepreneurial business management through this training which is as important as financial support.

During the training, you learn key concepts such as defining your goals, markets and market analysis, business planning and prepare your own business plan when the training is over. In addition, this TL 50,000 incentive is actually a start. As you may be involved in many business development trainings on KOSGEB’s network, you can apply for other incentives as well. Especially, if you are establishing a business and you are working in the production sector, you can apply for a low interest repayment support of 100.000 TL after the incentive of 50.000 TL.

You can access to KOSGEB’s web site via www.kosgeb.gov.tr ​​and you will find all the information about incentives and training institutions of KOSGEB. The institutions that provide training is less than European part in the Anatolian region of Istanbul, permanent training centers of contracted universities can be easily found around European part. Particularly, info about the internal regulations of the incentives is clearly presented on the site, all the rules are written step by step. The trainings are held not only in Istanbul but also in many cities of Anatolia and are free of charge.

When you finish the training, you can start by establishing a company and then step into the world of new beginnings. In this process;

– You are building your company.
– You have your registration in the chamber of commerce.
– You need to make your BAGKUR insurance entrance as a company owner.
– You register in the KOSGEB database.
– You fill in the KOSGEB SME Declaration and apply to KOSGEB centers close to you with signatures, signature circulars and activity documents.
– After the check-in and the KOSGEB approval message, you enter the entrepreneur support program section on the KOSGEB website and enter your company business plan for support. After the job is finished, you will receive a copy of it, sign it, and hand it over to the KOSGEB regional representative. The officer checks your file and completes the shortcomings. Within 15-20 days after the delivery, the project enters the board. Your business plan will be assessed at the Advisory Board and you can follow whether you qualify for the promotion on that evening. After the approval of the board, they require a letter of commitment from you regarding the incentive. You have to give this commitment in a month. According to this, you will not close your company for 3 years and promise that you will not sell the equipment.
– You can see many consultants on the internet to write a business plan, but KOSGEB wants you to do it yourself. When you participate in training you do not need to spend such unnecessary money. Moreover, they do not tolerate any shortcomings in attendance in any way during the education.
– You can also benefit from the New Entrepreneur Support and then the incentives in the General Support Program.

KOSGEB’s new entrepreneur support is an important step. On the other hand, if you are going to do business, it is good to get the job without holding fast to these supports and have a B plan for at least 1 year of revenue stream. In general, support payments take a few months and expenses are usually paid at monthly costs.

Female Micro entrepreneurs have a more serious problem. They are shy and worried at the point of establishing a company without resorting to incentives. Furthermore, they have no information. It is easier for them to sell a couple of handicrafts on the phone, via Instagram. For this reason, I think that the state should especially;

– Facilitate the establishment process of the company and give support immediately to reset the cost of the establishment,
– Improvements in operating expenses and taxation for the first year will encourage entrepreneurs.

What do you say? How can entrepreneurs be supported? You can share your questions and solution suggestions.

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