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It was thanks to my beloved Ozge, who introduced me Yin Yoga on the weekend.

Ozge is a young banker. I call her sweet girl Candy: A naive, young professional who is responsive to society and aware of her responsibilities.

I met her when PWN was setting up a city network in Istanbul. At that time, while the association was still in the process of formation, she was everything of the group: Secretary, press advisor, accountant etc.

With her excitement and hard work, she was one of our friends who made the most contribution to company for coming these days. On the other hand, she was in pursuit of new quests to satisfy her soul, something different. It’s been a dream since her beginning of yoga training courses two years ago.

What about now ?..

Now, she’s in the way of having a second profession besides banking… An example to all of us… She wants to deepen her passion in Yoga, expanding it with sharing.

And… Yin Yoga has organized workshops on introductions and deepening. I and my friends from the group of associations, of course, thought it would not be without us and we wanted to experience this too.

As a long-time pilates practiser, I would like to mention that I enjoyed all the muscles that I did not realize before after 3 hours of the program and that I enjoyed being challenged while the momentum was calm.

I asked Ozge to write in my blog and she did not upset me. I wanted to present how different orientations and passionate people can differentiate and deepen our personality and read about it all together. In this period, I am more involved with young professionals from 20-30 age group. I’m learning so much and enjoying it. For example, perhaps because of spiritual troubles, we cannot make peace with our bodies or listen to ourselves… We need to discover the soul-body-mentality balance as well as work-private life balance.

Which one is harder? To run in a hurry throughout your life or stop and realize?

Please read the article and share your comments with us, is it OK?

Stay healthy!

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