Entrepreneur Writings 1: Future Comes Beautiful To Women

Entrepreneur Writings 1: Future Comes Beautiful To Women 1280 1280 Aylin Satun Olsun

Her name is Zuhal Bozdag.

She is 27 years old and lives in Adiyaman.

This young woman who is married and has two children defines herself as a housewife but actually, she is a TECHNO WOMAN.

I recognized her while i’m doing my website. I knew her and admired her. Zuhal; a profile that will be a role model for many women with a zealot, a passion for learning, a steady but humble posture.

Her story will undoubtedly be one of the most sincere, most beautiful stories on this site.

Zuhal married 8 years ago, high school graduate. After a while, she’s got bored of sitting at home. She’s been always curious about technology and internet; but had no official training or certification on web and software.

She had been doing research on web designing at home, watching educational videos, participating in blogs and discussion groups. She’s ordered two books and read them. First, she’s opened a site for herself, starts with standard designs and goes with the slightest coding changes. Then she starts making sites for others. The continuation comes when she starts. Not only web design, logo, business card, poster designs, e-magazine designs becomes one of the known names of the web world.

She still lives in Adiyaman, raising her kids. Her responsibilities in home continues, but almost 90% of Zuhal’s customers are in Istanbul. She has found entrepreneurial friends like her who lives in different cities and formed a team for herself. Now, she is able to sign more detailed projects with her graphic and software team.

Dreams are endless. He wants to enter video design business and specialize in web design. There is a bigger plan to focus on home office video, web design and software with a larger team. Software programming and coding are also among her learning plans.

There is another attempt. She creates a site named www.fikrimical.com by collecting ideas for the benefit of the community to apply for someone else to implement. This idea was also heard publicly. It is now one of the candidates at Metro 2015 Social Entrepreneurs Award. You can support it by voting.

Zuhal is a concrete example of how Internet technologies can change a woman’s life. Thanks to technology, she gets through the learning process and implements her dreams with the distant and distant customer base in front of her. Of course, her entrepreneurial spirit, determination and passion for learning are important factors in her success.

I was impressed when I listened to her story. I am excited and realized once more that one only need passion, determination and learning as Zuhal to puts his / her dreams in motion.

Zuhal is now carrying out her business under the name of rengarenkwebhizmetleri.com. As my futurist friend Ufuk said, “The Future Comes Beautiful”. To women, it will be even better.

Stay fine.

Aylin Satun Olsun

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