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More Women In Board of Directors

Müge Yalçın – MY Executive Founding Partner As you know, the top management body of a company is the board of directors. Its missions are directing the company, determining a vision, forming strategies and supervising the performance. With its shareholders, it acts as a bridge between them and the top management. A good structure of the management board, identifying and choosing the right candidates for it and supports from independent members are the key points in managing a company well.…

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Talk The Talk&Walk The Walk-On Diversity

For a better future, the differences and diversity between species must live on equal, fair conditions! It is even pointless to argue that the other way around… It is also imperative that you must not squeeze it into male-female axis when you say diversity! Language, religion, race, nationality, culture, LGBT… Despite all sorts of diversity, we should be able to create harmonious living conditions. But now, that woman equal to man, even equality cannot pass that stage, this should be…

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Do Culture Fit Tests Have a Future ?

A company I recently consulted with asked me to create a Culture Fit Inventory in the recruitment process. When we sat down with the Human Resources team and found out what they wanted to do and what they expected to do, we agreed that it would be better to have the Values ​​Fit Inventory instead of Culture Fit.Culture Fit- Values Fit Inventories are the Concepts that Human Resource specialists are more familiar with. While planning to write an article on this subject, in the…

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Fear Helps Nothing

Fears are  preventing us  both in  our private life an business life. In general, the fear of failure, rejection, change, inadequacy is heavily influenced by the performance of the employees and the organization, and is therefore they are popular subjects in the business life. Today I want to write about the fear of losing freedom. I believe that the biggest chance is the one that you get when you were born. In what land, which country you are a citizen of,  brings  a fortune for you. How do you evaluate luck factors…

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Overcome Biases: Mentor Someone Who is Different One from You! 

Hello! When I wrote my impressions after my trip to Madrid, I mentioned how the British Ambassador described the Unconscious Bias concept. From that day on I began to investigate this subject in detail. then I realized there are so much sources on this subject, it is like a deep ocean! Biases, which we are not aware of because of social norms, affect our lives and others so much !!!  These are the reactions that we are not aware of, that we are not accustomed to in…

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Mentorship… “The light that you burn for the others is also illuminates your way.” Mentoring is a known, used method; a relationship model since Homer’s epic, Odyssey. King Odysseus entrusted his son to a teacher, a wise and trustworthy friend named Mentor, when he was going to war. Mentor has preserved the son Telemachus in the absence of his father and become his teacher. He prepared Telemachus for the future. With this relationship being replicated over time, the system called…

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