Women Define the Rules of the Game in the Marketing World

Women Define the Rules of the Game in the Marketing World 1643 2167 Aylin Satun Olsun

Increasing roles of women in business life also affect the world of consumption and marketing. Hurdles and consumption decisions also play an active role. According to the latest US consumer survey, women are directly affecting 85% of consumption decisions. It is a surprising fact that among products traditionally designed for men’s preference; 50% of the purchasing decisions of these products such as cars, home improvement vehicles and consumer electronics are also affected by women.

Despite such striking numerical facts, it seems that the advertisers have not yet realized this fact sufficiently. 91% of women say they are not addressed in advertisements.

I want to share a few more figures that show the purchasing power of women. For example, according to a research done in America again; more than half of the new vehicles are bought by women consumers. In all new vehicle purchasing decisions, it was seen that the effect of women was around 80%. 65% of women want to get their services related to their vehicles from their dealers. Every year over $ 200 billion is spent by women on vehicle purchases and mechanical vehicle service.

There are important messages for producers in these figures of women. Considering the value and anticipation of the female consumer, products designed and marketed with the aim of “male consumer” need to be watched. Not only in design and marketing, but also in the field of distribution and service, understanding of expectations and values ​​points to significant market places and opportunities for producers.

Women are the purchasing power in the world of consumption; they are beginning to use it to transform manufacturers and business worlds. They prefer products of companies that support the ecosystem, respect the environment, and engage in social problems. Women who are active in social media and e-commerce; they do not hesitate to share their views, likes and criticisms and to base their purchasing decisions on them. For example, according to Google Trends search results; it is seen that women are three times more likely to collect, research and compare information about products than men. For example, internet wedding dresses research starts mainly in February-March, and there is a search intensity covering a period of several months. Again, the information search intensity is 3 times higher than the grooming product group. It has also been seen that the search for groom products is in June-July, the time of the predominantly wedding ceremony. In a very short period of time, men are likely to be able to make buying decisions from a few sources, possibly with suggestions and references.

Commercial markets are being driven demand. We will feel more and more of the mobile roles of women in the days of purchase and preference, in solving environmental and social problems.

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