Managing The Change: Who’s Afraid Of The Change?

Managing The Change: Who’s Afraid Of The Change? 450 313 Aylin Satun Olsun

There is no time for institutions and companies to resist against change anymore; but when it comes into the agenda, personal and structural concerns can overcome everything. When we decide and manage the process, we face our fears and worries. If we have a positive emotional state of the process, the results of our innovative and creative capacity can be spectacular.

The most critical period in the change process is the period of recognition and acceptance of change in leaders’ emotions. Acceptance brings change. Since managers are leaders of change at the same time, the most important process is the process of undertaking the change’s responsibility and decision making.

It is relatively easy to carry out daily operations and operations within the organization. The difficult thing is, to manage the emotional and psychological effects within the institution.

Change does not come without acceptance and permission. When things do not go as we expected, it can be a success to evaluate the situation according to you, to define the achievement and manage the business with the projections accordingly. This also allows you to focus on performance rather than worry.

The first name that comes into minds in terms of Change and Innovation is Steve Jobs. Especially when he was recalled to the company that he founded and expelled from for the second time, the management was not very positive about the future of the company. But Steve Jobs’ rapid adoption of innovative decisions and the subsequent wind of change quickly carry the company to the # 1 in the world.

While managing the Change process as an Administrator;

– Be one of the exchange agents. Do not be afraid to go into action. Do not delay resolution of problems. Try to develop different perspectives on events. With enough focus, you can understand how to progress and manage the process.

– Focus on change, not on the future. You will see success when you focus on the flow of change.

-Calm down. Entering a fight with the leaders during the change process does not give a result. Follow the process as described in item 2 with a view to flexibility and positivity.

– Do not forget you’re a human. It may not always be possible to achieve 100% success or reach the result in the end as you think. It is more important to adapt to new situations. Remember again that you are a human being, you will not always be perfect.

– Do not lose your courage. Courage allows you to better understand your fear and worries. Feelings should not become obsessive. Be open to different ideas. If you manage your stress positively for yourself and the organization you are working for, performance and result come out spontaneously.

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