Men’s Support to Create A Culture of Diversity

Men’s Support to Create A Culture of Diversity 1280 1006 Aylin Satun Olsun

Anatomy of Change; 5 Golden Rules to Get Men’s Support while Creating Diversity Culture

Last month at the PWN Advisory Board, we fiercely debated how we can win men’s support for raising awareness of women’s presence in business. Finally, important and beautiful suggestions came out. I will share 5 gold rules with you in this article.

We are currently working in environments where masculine cultures dominate our institutions. Even we’re unaware, we admire the definitions used in the business world. The concept of businessman has been used for years, and for many, it is considered a genderless definition. We can find hundreds of examples on how gender inequality is culturally and linguistically grown up in boys and adults, from childhood.

In order to receive the support of men and raise awareness of them;

1- Culture: In organizations, first of all, it is necessary to create environments that encourage employees to talk openly about differences. A male-dominated cult is a language, communication style and culture is obscure when it comes to women. Organizations need to talk openly about their expectations and behaviors in a culture of gender equality and to form a cult of mutual understanding and respect. In order to provide open dialogue on sensitive issues, diversity should be regarded as an institutional necessity. As a result of the increased awareness of open dialects, I believe that men will possess the subject.

2. Orientation: While creating diversity culture, it is necessary to have an orientation program in the context of values ​​and cultures to be created. With this program, male employees can understand the difficulties women face in the current culture, while female employees can also perceive men’s point of view and invite them to empathize. Sensitivity and acceptance, awareness-based change and empathy can be improved with this program.

3- Leadership Show: For leaders and managers of human resources, principles and key objectives that raise awareness of diversity should be identified. For example, in a recruitment process, the leader must be able to question whether the 9 candidates or all of the 10 candidates in front of him or her are male, and make a special effort to create a pool of male and female candidates in the HR prospective candidate process.

4- Women mentors: Leading female mentors who dominate the institutional culture, even female workers in the beginning of their younger career, can play an important role in the journey through change and empathy, by recognizing men’s judgments in the business world by mentoring male employees.

5 – Measurement and monitoring: The realization and recovery rate of values ​​and targets on diversity should be regularly measured and monitored. As part of the strategic plans of the institutions, what percentage of human resources are reserved for women should be monitored and tracked in the pool of talent and the number of women in the leadership team, according to the fact that companies have a carnival of diversity will have a positive effect both in terms of strategic sense and in terms of corporate brand image. At the same time, evaluating the extent of support for cultural diversity within institutional culture measurement studies will make a significant contribution to the creation of diversity cultures and raising awareness of male employees.

Of course, the educational campaigns that raise awareness towards diversity and gender equality in schools as well as the institutions are important from the point of view of the restructuring opinions of a person from childhood. The boy or adult must learn to redefine power relations and be in a position to lead opinion on gender equality with their personal values. To this end, we need to make an effort to create a culture that will change social norms, behaviors and stereotypes with an energy that will not be consumed by family, companies, NGOs and communities.

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