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“The future of companies in Europe will be determined by their ability to manage their organization’s capabilities.” Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission and the Court of Justice,

I was in Brussels last month to attend the ‘Equality Pay Off’ meeting organized by the European Commission. More than 150 business professionals, public and NGO managers came together via this forum.

Apparently, the employment of qualified women in companies is increasing. On the other hand, statistics show that there is a 16.4% wage differential between men and women doing similar work in Europe.

For companies, positions for women and men are classified according to job specifications. The social orientation and education system is the leading cause of interrupting the direction of girl students towards positive science at universities.

Even though 60% of university students in Europe are female students, employment figures are in favor of men. While the employment rate is 62% for women and 75% for men, this rate decreases to 58% for female professionals who marry at the age of 30-40 and establish a family.

The rate of female managers in the Board of Directors varies between 3% and 9% in Mediterranean countries, especially since there is no quota implementation.

In the European Union, the “Equality Pay off” project, which takes on the leadership of Germany, addresses “gender equality in business life”. The EU considers gender equality in business life as one of the main criteria for competitive advantage, economic growth and employment. It is imperative that governments, NGOs and the private sector collaborate to pass the illusion of equality and equal wages in business and social life. Demographically, the fact that population aging is seen as a serious justification for talent management.

At this meeting, business leaders from 34 countries share their experiences, promise common actions to put this project in motion, announce the salary difference between men and women, advertise the remuneration quotas in the job announcements, supervise and report the rate levels according to sex in the wage groups under company inspections. Positive support activities for the branding of the institution were among the applications proposed to create awareness through “Equal pay off Day” Alongside with that, legislative regulations and legalizations that allowed women’s employment support and family responsibilities to be taken into consideration not only by women but also by men are taken into agenda.

This forum shows that raising the employment rate of women talent for sustainable growth and awareness management is now entering not only the companies but also the agendas of international organizations and governments.

The contribution of women to the business world and to the economy seems to be the subject of another article.

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