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Overcome Biases: Mentor Someone Who is Different One from You! 


When I wrote my impressions after my trip to Madrid, I mentioned how the British Ambassador described the Unconscious Bias concept. From that day on I began to investigate this subject in detail. then I realized there are so much sources on this subject, it is like a deep ocean! Biases, which we are not aware of because of social norms, affect our lives and others so much !!!  These are the reactions that we are not aware of, that we are not accustomed to in daily life, that we do not know if they exist in our uncounsiousness . They can derive from many different reasons such as:the concepts of  gender, race, nation, clothes, language, etc., But now the world we live in is becoming global, and we live together with people who are different from us , who are from different cultures even  we have never known. Even if we are not aware, these biases can affect our lives. The worst thing is the reactions and behaviors that we have with social norms; can be  perceived by ourselves as discrimination, disappearance, exclusion.For a more peaceful, more collaborative world, we first need to realize the value judgments we are not aware of and then we should  want to this behaviour change.


 I will write about the issue of Unconscious Bias  on gender equality in more detail in another article. I want to share a video with you before that article.  Again a TEDx videosu… People asked me what TEDX is.  TED consists of the initials of Technology, Entertainment, Design words. It is an activity that you listen to inspirational speeches on different topics within a maximum of 15 minutes with slogan of ‘ Ideas Worth Spreading’. There is a TED organization in Istanbul on November 21st. You can buy tickets from Biletix or listen to different speeches from for more information. Yassmin Abdel-Magied speaks shockingly and impressively about Unconscious Bias. The title of the conversation Overcome biases: Mentor Someone Who is Different One from You! I think it’s a good video to start talking about biases. Today, Human Resources Director Birsen Çevik, a colleague of mine,was a guest writer at BAT , she also wrote her experience  as a mentor in non-governmental organizations. PWN Istanbul has been the leader of the study group for the past 2 years . And they did a great job!I also enjoyed mentoring 2 times in this working group.

I learned a lot. Mentoring is a two-sided learning tool.

Have you not tried yet? You Should!





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