Feminine Energy on Sezen Aksu’s 40th Year Concert

Feminine Energy on Sezen Aksu’s 40th Year Concert 940 526 Aylin Satun Olsun

I usually go to Sezen Aksu concerts to sing.
To be a part of a choir, to share…
To sing a song outloud, to release my energy…
Listening to the concert, watching the performance is not the purpose…
The sound performance of Sezen Aksu is at the background for a long time…
Are you upset? Do you want to be on the loose a little bit?..
A Sezen concert goes well.

Love, betrayal, sexuality, passion, death, loss, pain,
Friendship, compassion, joy…
She surely translates your feelings in one of her songs
Exactly, you say internally…
As you wrote the lyrics yourself, it spills from your mouth…

Sezen Aksu celebrated her 40th anniversary with the 14th of July concert.
It was the 61st birthday of her at the same time.
Contrary to her recent stand up concerts, it was a concert with lots of singing and less talk.
Sezen is a female singer that reflects feminine energy very strongly. Constructive, productive, fluent.
She embraces flexibility, love, creative and productive feminine energy, and embraces the one who come to
herself.We do not hesitate to share what she produces, even if we criticize it.
The first part of the concert was documentary-like.
Turkey’s last 40 years was summarized on a cinematographic screen.
Through “Unzile”, she brought child brides to the agenda.
Erdal Eren, who was sent to the gallows on September 12, she recalled him with “Last Look”; she greeted Madimak victims with “Poplars” and Hrant Dink with “Pigeon”.
Longing, pain and sadness are intense in the poems.
Then a show of color and enthusiasm started with a surprising costume change.
The male dancers with angel wings composed the ‘Secret Angels of Sezen’.

I was tired from singing after a concert yet again, but it was a pleasant experience. Sezen Aksu hosted a successful production that summarizes Turkey’s 40 years. We sang the songs that we have been listening for years in a very successful visual panorama of Turkey together again. The visual shows on stage were very successful too, but… Sezen Aksu’s costume designs were problematic. It was the costumes that restricted her movement and did not fit her body structure. From time to time, in the giant screen, we saw images that no artist or woman wants to give. She did not have a high energy for the concert, maybe due to her fatigue from the day before. She was stagnant. Se merely said her songs, contrary to what was expected… Nonetheless, at the end of the day, we were happy to watch a Sezen concert.

On the other hand, Sezen should give the decision to make a FINAL for the stage at the right time. Everything should be on time…

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