Amy Cuddy – Your Behaviors Manage Your Brain

Amy Cuddy – Your Behaviors Manage Your Brain 600 338 Aylin Satun Olsun

The video on this link should be watched by all the women !! When you lost your confidence in yourself, when you reach the moment you say “I can not do it anymore.”, please refer to this video again.
Amy Cuddy is a successful woman. She is successful and intelligent. She explains how she has progressed and succeeded despite her insecurity after she lost her skills after an accident. The magic is the “do-like” method. She teaches how to act as if it was simple, as if it was successful; to treat it as it was happy, and ultimately, to convince the brain by acting as if it was funny, successful, and safe.
I know it’s very hard but I’m trying… Please try it out yourselves too… Please try and share your experiences…

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