Our Guest Writer Of This Week

Our Guest Writer Of This Week 640 480 Aylin Satun Olsun

I want to introduce you to my guest writer this week.
Nese Turan.
You need to know this little woman with a giant heart.
She is a teacher of literature.
She is also a lifelong student.
A friend.
She is one of the first names that come to my mind when I cannot fit in my body chest and look for a friend to talk and share.
I planned to publish human resources, leadership and travel writings when my blog was opened at first, but after I entered the writing world, I’ve found it very enjoyable to have a platform for writing in a general context, about every aspect of life. For this reason, I have expanded my topics and categories a bit. Nese is a teacher in the world of education for 25 years. She has a distinct place among the students in Robert College. She does not only teach literature to them, but also coach them and become their closest friends in adolescence. Her master topics include multiple intelligence theory, TEOG exams, test anxiety, adolescence expertise. She is one of the indispensable people of the Trust Humanity team.
I wanted to introduce her to you. Let’s see how you find her article ‘I’m Undressing For Love’. In another time, I will publish an interview with her on awareness, puberty and multiple intelligence in young people. We are waiting for your comments on the article.

Aylin Olsun

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