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Stories of Leaves from the Lord of The Leaves – Master Onnik

This is a tiny shop in the Grand Bazaar’s Inner Bedesten. It is not possible to notice the treasure inside from the outside. We learn that it is part of the Byzantine barn. We pass through the inner corridor while passing through a tiny place. The tiny narrow corridor is filled with newspaper clippings promoting the miraculous art of the master Onnik. There is a small antique table right in front of him. If you look under the table glass,…

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Waiting For A New Week

Hello. It’s been 10 days since I gave the news of my own site. First of all, thank you very much for your kind comments and support through posts and social media messages. I designed this site predominantly as a communication platform for women and leadership management; but it seems that I will have to expand these borders a little. It is not possible to solve women’s problems without solving problems related to basic human beings, being a woman without…

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Essence of the Word

I am very excited as I’m writing this post. While I’m preparing this site, I didn’t want to limit the subjects by posting about only Turkish women and Turkey, I also wanted to write on the lives of women of other countries and their cultures. The help came from my close friend Turgut SAY. As a guest writer this week, Turgut SAY tells us how Iranian literature is influenced after the Islamic revolution and the role of women in Iranian…

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First Impression: We Are One More With You

Do you remember the times when you first graduated from college? If we had a couple of internships and saw a company, we were considered among lucky masses. Just like it is now. There are too many young people who graduated without seeing any kind of corporate environment. When they graduate, if their family does not live in Istanbul, they have to find a place to stay while looking for a job. Then they will not know what to wear…

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Talk The Talk&Walk The Walk-On Diversity

For a better future, the differences and diversity between species must live on equal, fair conditions! It is even pointless to argue that the other way around… It is also imperative that you must not squeeze it into male-female axis when you say diversity! Language, religion, race, nationality, culture, LGBT… Despite all sorts of diversity, we should be able to create harmonious living conditions. But now, that woman equal to man, even equality cannot pass that stage, this should be…

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How Does Freedom Make You Feel?

  I talked about fears last week. I admit that for me, the fear of losing freedom is the most prominent one. I have assessed freedom in a social context before. This week I want to write about the feeling of FREEDOM itself. Before I wrote this article, I’ve seen the activities or situations that make you feel free in general when I call search the word freedom on Google. Walking in the rain, walking against the wind, swimming, having…

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The Skill for a Good Life: Negotiation

Negotiation, in the Latin Negotiatus, means that things are going on. When we say negotiation, we immediately think about bargaining. As life continues in its flow, it sometimes does not function.Here is negotiation which is in fact, the highest competence in communication skills, comes for help, when we can not solve something on ourselves , we need the help of someone.Our prominent collaboration is the most effective tool of colaboration. Kayhan Yıldırım, is the writer of the book “Negotiation Skills” published…

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5 Platin Rules to Develop Networking Skills

I was walking in the Kanyon Mall; while I was trying to go to the meeting place on time,  I was thinking the questions I will ask to Ms. Işıl. For a moment I saw a nice, well-dressed  lady with blue pants and a t-shirt. The people who know me very well that I am not a careful about what is happening around me; even if my husband goes by me , I do not notice him! However, somehow this…

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Golden Advices for the Independent Board Membership

In recent years, there have been many books on business management in Turkey.In this article, I would like to talk about Sait Gözüm and his books, which are about the Board of Directors. Maturity has accelerated in recent years in the field of management books in our country as it is in every area. By following global trends, it is not easy to find resource books that describe the management vision, the country facts, and systematically describe legal practices. Sait Gözüm shared his 27…

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Do Culture Fit Tests Have a Future ?

A company I recently consulted with asked me to create a Culture Fit Inventory in the recruitment process. When we sat down with the Human Resources team and found out what they wanted to do and what they expected to do, we agreed that it would be better to have the Values ​​Fit Inventory instead of Culture Fit.Culture Fit- Values Fit Inventories are the Concepts that Human Resource specialists are more familiar with. While planning to write an article on this subject, in the…

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