First Impression: We Are One More With You

First Impression: We Are One More With You 750 1334 Aylin Satun Olsun

Do you remember the times when you first graduated from college?

If we had a couple of internships and saw a company, we were considered among lucky masses.

Just like it is now.

There are too many young people who graduated without seeing any kind of corporate environment.

When they graduate, if their family does not live in Istanbul, they have to find a place to stay while looking for a job. Then they will not know what to wear when they go to interviews. Even they do, there’s no money to pay.

We’ve all been through this. Thus, we have launched a social responsibility project in PWN Istanbul (Professional Business Women’s Association), where I am a founder and Board Member. The name of the project is ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’ Our excitement was supported by UPS and TurkishWINN. The first pilot university is Marmara University. What are we doing? For our young girls who will graduate from college, we are collecting clothes and suits from our professional business life that they can not use because of body change. UPS supports us for storage and sorting. In october, we will make our young girls dressed according to their business life with an open store which we will set up on Marmara University Göztepe campus. If you say ‘I AM HERE’ too, we are one more with you.

It would be WONDERFUL from you to announce this campaign to your friends and company, for increasing your support. On your social media posts you can use tags #firstimpression and #highheeledrunners. If you have any questions, you can send a message to istanbulepwn @ gmail for contacting PWN Istanbul. Thank you.

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