Alas! I’m having a website

Alas! I’m having a website 1280 720 Aylin Satun Olsun

My story of not being over-hyped about websites is one year old. I have my own blog made first. Then I have some experience through the websites of the associations and companies that I am present at the management.

There is no need to look at the headline and be pessimistic. Being a blog, website owner is incredibly enjoyable, you use your skills that you have never used or rarely used, such as research and development, aesthetics, some technology and a little creativity. A journey of intense improvement waits for you.

On the other hand, who should I have my website covered, how will I plan it, a ready WordPress theme or is it good to print it in coded, where to find references? How will the project development phase progress? if you ask such questions; it’s a full story of working in homeland, Turkey.

I would like to share my experiences with practical suggestions without taking it too long.

If you are a newly formed company, if your aim is to make an institutional impact and if you do not have any thoughts about it, I would definitely recommend WordPress ready-made web sites if your goal is just a humble personal website or blog. Why?

First of all, there are available, pre-made template themes, so you have a site designing agreement that you can see what it will like.
Consequently, you can get a quick result which is less flexible but giving less initiative to the website designer.
It is much more economical and quicker to build than the sites prepared by coding.
If you want an extra plug-in like surveying, platform building, video training on the web, etc. you can add the application to your website by paying extra application fees.

The disadvantages are;

It is said that there could be a security weakness.

It is closed to individual changes because the codes are hidden in WordPress company.

More complex content, such as e-commerce, is less recommended in this format.

I made my own personal web blog based on WordPress. Then we experienced the coded web site design in my company and the associations. I also want to talk about it briefly.

If you have WordPress experience at first, you are making the biggest mistake in the design stage of the site. You give a summary to the company about the content: You show a few sites you like, list the internal flow, what will happen, headers, subtitles, etc. and you think it’s enough at the end; but it is not.

First of all, 20-30 day delivery time is never kept. Because most of web companies work with freelance experts like designers, coders etc. and this profile is often far from the deadline concept. You need to accept 2 months from the beginning in your mind.

You get the prescription, you like it with its general features, but you suppose there can be changes in this design. There is a critical information here, you must understand that you cannot agree on the concept of ‘small changes’ in the agreement. For example, in the sub-pages you see the team photos and confirm. Then you look at those people, trying to enter their resumes and you simply can’t. When you say this to the company, they may claim that you did not want this ar first. So, they expect you to make design feedback so detailed, how?
You will be able to change the size of the photographs on each site, change the shapes and locations of them, where to put the writings along with the photographs etc.

You aren’t be able to understand what the slightest change is despite your relentless efforts. Whatever your change proposals are, you may encounter answers like “It’s a work of a week to 10 days…” or an ‘agreement not included’.

You must also have the right to give the design codes of the website to another service provider once they’re revealed to you during the construction, if the 1 year agreement is not reached.

You shouldn’t exploit other people’s efforts or rights. I still think it is necessary to work with pre-payment, but I recommend that you never make a second payment until you have completed all the changes and filled in the content. You may be exposed to unkind behavior.
Evaluate each line of the agreement on the basis of reciprocity. Good beginnings, or the concept of trust does not work in these jobs. Because most of the new entrepreneurs are generalists, but they are mostly based on temporary trade relationships, not on relational values.
The cost is higher because it is a more detailed process. If you want to constantly improve on the web and you have a web company that you have a reliable and long-term institutional relationship with, you can save money on this long-haul.

In summary, I would like to show my friends who work in this sector a little bit of what they actually live with especially from the eyes of a customer. It is not possible for a company that will make a website for the first time in its life to give all details to the person who will have the website done. In order to not to be disappoint the parties, it is absolutely necessary for the website creators to prepare detailed service specifications and direct the customers along all problems and alternatives. Of course, with understanding customer needs.

I wanted to make the website constructors a bit more prepared before the process with the general information.

Epilogue: I have tried two alternatives. Obviously, the experience of having a website with coding so far has not been very satisfying but we made a new deal. Again, we have the site by coding, but this time my inner voice is saying that we’ve made the right choice. Nevertheless, we should not leave the precaution aside. I’ll write the results.

With love… Stay Healthy. I wish you have a nice weekend.

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