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From half of Turkey’s population (a very talented half as well), up to only 30% of people (though this % is optimistic and accessed through family workers) are participating in the labor force. This is one of the obstacles on the way to the overall development of the country. For many years (18+), as a woman in business life; I can write my name on the list of people who has these feelings and thoughts. Beyond that, I also have…

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7 Strategies to Help You Find A Mentor in Business Life

It is not possible to succeed alone in life. Each of us is influenced by someone in business life. The fastest and most effective way to pursue our career is to find people who will be a resolute model professional by her / his personality and behavior. The role of education in career development is great. We are trying to improve ourselves by reading books about successful people’s lives, listening interviews and watching successful people’s podcasts and videos. A mentor…

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Female CEOs are Role Models for Other Women in Business

In an article published a few weeks ago at the Fast Company, it is stated that although a small number of female executives targeted to be female CEOs, it was reported that there is an important source of motivation for female leaders in the present. It is a fact that Gender Equality has a positive impact on business processes both economically and culturally. According to a research conducted by Catalyst, presence of female senior executives in executive management results in…

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More Women In Board of Directors

Müge Yalçın – MY Executive Founding Partner As you know, the top management body of a company is the board of directors. Its missions are directing the company, determining a vision, forming strategies and supervising the performance. With its shareholders, it acts as a bridge between them and the top management. A good structure of the management board, identifying and choosing the right candidates for it and supports from independent members are the key points in managing a company well.…

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Impressions From The Leadership Forum #Leadership #21ABCS

Between the 16th and the 19th of September, we were present in Madrid as PWN Istanbul’s Board of Directors. Leadership examples were spoken around the concepts of ‘Balanced Leadership’, ‘Cooperation’ and ‘Agility’ in this meeting where more than 200 participants, together with PWN Global city networks and institutional participation, gathered. As PWN Istanbul (Professional Women’s Network), we have been appreciated with the success of the institutional structuring we achieved in a short period with 250 members and 11 corporate partners…

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Golden Advices for the Independent Board Membership

In recent years, there have been many books on business management in Turkey.In this article, I would like to talk about Sait Gözüm and his books, which are about the Board of Directors. Maturity has accelerated in recent years in the field of management books in our country as it is in every area. By following global trends, it is not easy to find resource books that describe the management vision, the country facts, and systematically describe legal practices. Sait Gözüm shared his 27…

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Do Culture Fit Tests Have a Future ?

A company I recently consulted with asked me to create a Culture Fit Inventory in the recruitment process. When we sat down with the Human Resources team and found out what they wanted to do and what they expected to do, we agreed that it would be better to have the Values ​​Fit Inventory instead of Culture Fit.Culture Fit- Values Fit Inventories are the Concepts that Human Resource specialists are more familiar with. While planning to write an article on this subject, in the…

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