The Golden Key for Diversity and Equality: Networking

The Golden Key for Diversity and Equality: Networking 5184 3456 Aylin Satun Olsun

Meetings, conferences and social activities become our new places of business. In business, we all now feel obliged to spend a significant amount of time outside the office in network activities. The thing is,

From these meetings, everyone turned out to be dissatisfied.

Result-oriented professionals want to see the tangible results of each and every meeting we attend.

And if we are not a quiet, invisible profile at all, then the time never passes… We will simply focus on the mobile phone and follow messages or posts, trying to kill time. Quietly watching around, we hesitate to wait for the meeting’s end with a few greetings and a smile, or we stick to a person we know closely and begin to chit-chatting.

Usually in network meetings;

– Those who follow new business opportunities to advance in their careers spend time talking about themselves.

– The people who are in search of others who can be beneficial for their career will express themselves via body language.

Consequently, the most critical points in networking meetings are the instantaneous results and the expectation of connections or actions that can be associated with the job directly. The expectation of an ultimate result can be disappointing.

For establishing an effective network;

First, you need to change the approach. At the meeting you attend, there should be plenty of new people and enjoyable time. No immediate results should be expected.

– Come closer to the people you meet and try to get to know them. It is important to identify what is interesting about that person.

– Be yourself in the dialogue. False approaches do not bring long-term relationships. You can create serious and meaningful relationships with sincerity and naturalness.

– Try to create positive relationships. You do not know where, when, and how you will meet people with a good time, positive emotions.

– Tracking is very important. Don’t break the existing connections and maintain contact. A message or connected phone can be effective for dial-in continuation.

– Make an effort to remember and memorize the name. Enter the dialogue that will allow you to repeat the name several times while talking about the name. You can use analogies to remember the name and appearance.

– It is an easy way to introduce yourself first by dialogue, or through talking by telling what you have seen until this one by referring to any meeting.

– It is a good idea to meet at least 3 to 5 new people in a meeting.

– After exchanging business cards, looking at them and getting information about the person is beneficial in enriching the conversation.

– During the conversation, talking not only on the job but also on the social issues can be effective, talking about hobbies gives you a better understanding of the person you are acquainted. On the other hand, it is necessary to be careful about sensitive issues such as religion and politics.

– Send a thank you message to people you met after the meeting and follow them on social media accounts.

– Become an actively contributing profile by writing a reference in LinkedIn and other channels.

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