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Oh Love…

Today is St.Valentine’s Day, in our language: ‘Sevgililer Günü’.

On such a special day, it is necessary to write on love.

Online and offline, all circles are working on themes about Valentine’s Day.

…but I wanted to give a place to the writing of a friend, who wrote her special thoughts on this day in a humorous way.

As a 20++ young (!) woman, I love the writing of my 30- friend, and I think you will enjoy it as well. She is a young HR professional and blogger. You can find her posts at

She handled passion, love and sharing with a humble but smiling language in her writing.

I’ve begun to sport, I also need to start the diet, but nevermind…

Today is 14th of February and french fries goes well with it.

I wish a pleasant weekendto you, with music and french fries with your loved ones.

Sincerely, yours.

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