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Blow Some Fairy Dust to a Woman Micro Enterpreneur, Share the Magic…


 You actually know them.

Many of them  are neighbors around you, your mother’s friend or your son / daughter’s school friend’s mother.

They all have common characteristics.

They are mostly women .

Housewifes, house workers without job security

The are Innovative and talented..

They want to contribute to the family budget by transforming their hobbies into money.

They want to have some economic freedom.

They produce so many stuff!

Door decorations, wedding candies, baby packs, wool toys, etaminous works, cookies, decorative wood materials, bookmarks etc. In a nutshell they are a Micro entrepreneurs .They are trying to do business with zero capital. The Internet and social media are the doors to the masses for them to reach the customers. They aim to reach to customers by posing their hand-made products to instagram. At this point, the entrepreneurs’ platform, which started as a social responsibility project of a high school student, was a life kiss for micro entrepreneurs. Why? Individual efforts to market individual handmade products on the may disappear as hundreds or even thousands of accountants on instagram. It takes at least 7-8 months to transform the micro entrepreneur’s labour into money, individuals who coninue their lives as a drop of water in the ocean lose their confidence during this process.


What did  do?. First, all entrepreneurs are invited to their own platforms called Entrepreneurs Platform on Instagram. They gave support and small tips for Micro entrepreneurs to market their products. After a while,  entrepreneurs on the platform created a network. They even purchased products from each other and this project grew at an incredible pace. More than 6,000 followers and more than 700 products have started to be exhibited on this account, which is only 2-3 months old. Every day the number of participants grows exponentially. Micro Entrepreneur Women’s Impact on Entrepreneurship Platform encouraged my friend whom I knew from my business life for many years trying to pass this project on to life, and decided to handle her daughter’s school project more broadly.  A website was set up after the account on the Instagram. This account brought together those who had expertise in different issues, with the philosophy of ‘From the Force of the Union’. It is discussed that how to support More micro entrepreneur women to be able to stand on their own feet, and it is decided to take supportive actions .

When I spoke to him/her, s/he had a pretty striking share. s/He says; ‘At this point the magic starts, the moment you call the woman entrepreneur to order something. When the entrepreneur on the phone hears the demand for your product, the excitement and happiness are instantly transmitted to you from the phone.  you find yourself surrounded by the magic sensibility of doing something special.It really is a different feeling. ‘

Do you want to support these micro entrepreneur women and share this magic?

If you say “Yes, but how”; it is very simple.Only 10 days left in the beginning of the year.

Both corporations and individuals are in the hurry to choose a Christmas gift. You can order from hundreds of different hand made products by entering or the Entrepreneurs Platform instagram account, or you can even support a micro entrepreneur by choosing your institution’s Christmas gifts from this site.

You can give a secondary support by introducing the site and directing micro entrepreneurs to this site!

If you forward this site to 5 people from your own communication network, can you think how much benefit it can provide with the multiplier effect?

If you think you  have the idea and ability to make these two and even create your value, if you want to support more, then contact me or share your suggestions by going to the comments section in the blog post.

Something changes, everything changes.

Micro Entrepreneurship is an important opportunity for those who want to make a difference or to be beside those who make a difference.

Come join!




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