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I am free, I am learning …Hurray for MOOC…

MOOC is a super-invention for those who are passionate about learning and curious. What is MOOC? MOOC is an abbreviation of ‘Massive Open Online trainings’ When you google MOOC ,you are stepping into that magic world. In the hundreds of topics you are curious about, you can get free and highly qualified training. In 2008, online trainings were mostly closed system, in-house, paid and computer-based trainings. The contents were rather mechanical and uniform. At present, there are mass public and open education platforms with MOOC. These platforms are extremely useful both as content providers  and for people who are using them. With the content and training you create, you can reach the people that want to work with you and earn money. The training content consists of videos, readings, live links, workshops and forums. You can interactively do assignments and projects, participate in an organization and complete the training as a team; it is also possible to complete the training in the single observer status. As it is mainly free trainings, you can have a certificate with these trainings paying about 30-40 USD.

Recently, universities such as MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford are preparing for MOOC programs. It is possible to continue these universities online for 1 semester, although this is still limited. There are programs for 6-8 weeks in many subjects. Imagine in the near future you will be able to get a bachelor’s degree from Stanford, MIT with a far more remote MOOC system and a much more affordable price.You can experience the privilege of taking lessons from very important instructors.

As I was writing, I went trough the sites that has the MOOC platform and divided them into groups. I encourage you to take a look at the following sites for personal development, business management, leadership, health, children, etc.
In the sites above,  It is possible to find many courses on web and programming, but in the sites I have mentioned below, are mainly focused on web, programming and games.
If you want to learn language, I can also make a suggestion ;  You can learn English, German, French, etc. from anywhere in the world  that very reasonable prices. The site works with the credit system. You transfer money from your credit card and you spend that credit.
MOOC platforms make you feel happy and free. It is possible to do a virtual team work at any time, freedom to reach a world-class education  with people from different countries. On the other hand, opportunity to register with everything and the multiplicity of alternatives are required to show willingness to complete the courses after a while. You can register with a lot of courses but If you do not finish them, they can feel unmotivated. According to the research, the completion rate of MOOC platform is around 7-8%.
Such studies have also started to be conducted in Turkey, too. If you look at the site  , you will find some basic lessons, coaching support, inspiring speeches on the platform.I think the website will get much richer in a short time.
 Today everything changes rapidly. Being agile, curious and hungry for the knowledge to keep pace with change is a must. When introducing the MOOC platforms, I wanted to show that the possibilities for improving ourselves are actually a click away. However you can use MOOC platforms;
– To be curious but consistent,
-To investigate a hobby at a minimum,
-To improve your competence.
Too much greed can be distracted for you. Select a focused interest area and continue.
Welcome to a pleasant learning journey.
P.S. If there are any MOOC platforms that you have just discovered or used more effectively, please share them in the comments section.

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