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The Skill for a Good Life: Negotiation

Negotiation, in the Latin Negotiatus, means that things are going on.

When we say negotiation, we immediately think about bargaining. As life continues in its flow, it sometimes does not function.Here is negotiation which is in fact, the highest competence in communication skills, comes for help, when we can not solve something on ourselves , we need the help of someone.Our prominent collaboration is the most effective tool of colaboration.

Kayhan Yıldırım, is the writer of the book “Negotiation Skills” published 2 months ago by  Humanist publishing house. He is a young and  sympathetic man. He describes himself as an inborn educator, but He says “I was born for this.” He also wrote his book to share this passion for teaching and learning with everyone.

Kayhan defines negotiation as a life skill, not a bargain in business processes. We alread start the writing with his definitions.
First I will talk about the book with a few sentences. Negotiation Skills A 238-page management book. While Kayhan Yıldırım was in college,he was taking a course from İsmail Cem. With his guidance he focuses on Conflict Management and Negotiation issues. He is doing a master’s degree in this subject.He works in European Union projects.He has been working in global training and consulting companies for many years as an educator. He has professionally compiled his personal experiences for years and all the global approaches in this subject .
There are chapters of Negotiation Goals, Escaping Value, Negotiation and Trust, Beginning with Tough People, as well as  2 implementation examples;employment and car buy-sell negotiation

What did I learn from this chat?I would like to share with you important information about my negotiation skills.


• Negotiation is actually the 3rd option. Neither  your way, nor my way. It requires co-creation, not reconciliation.

• Negotiation is not just a sales force. Of course, an important catalyst in the sales process also determines how to get the job done.

• Negotiation is a learned skill.Thanks to the book you get the information. You will be able to practice your skills seriously and tactics, as well as skill development.

• You have to be prepared. A negotiation requires preperation.Intelligence is an important step in negotiating to collect information about the other party, probable damage analysis according to the probabilities, and of course to determine the escape route.


During the conversation, we talked about managing the assumptions in life. We have progressed according to many accepted assumptions in life and negotiated such as asking for a discount at a luxury brand’s store, not assuming responsibility for parking damages, etc. Because of that we can not acquire new acquisitions. Our prejudices sometimes prevent us from seeing the possible benefits. I asked to Kayhan if he can  make an assessment as a male-female about negotiation skills. He told me that the author of both of the best negotiation books ever written are women. In the trainings, he said that women are more proactive and successful but, contrary to the trainings, it is observed that they are not that successful in real life. Maybe it’s easier to show up for women in the trainings because the training is in a lab environment away from prejudices, but it is tempting to show the competencies they have gained in training in male dominated culture. Negotiation is already considered as male skill anyway…

The values ​​women have taken during the growing season, the institution and the social culture are blocking them.

Negotiation is a quality life skill.

If you want a few practical suggestions that will increase your quality of life in your business or private life, we recommend you to go with this book.

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