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November 2017

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The Skill for a Good Life: Negotiation

Negotiation, in the Latin Negotiatus, means that things are going on. When we say negotiation, we immediately think about bargaining. As life continues in its flow, it sometimes does not function.Here is negotiation which is in fact, the highest competence in communication skills, comes for help, when we can not solve something on ourselves , we need the help of someone.Our prominent collaboration is the most effective tool of colaboration. Kayhan Yıldırım, is the writer of the book “Negotiation Skills” published…

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Do Culture Fit Tests Have a Future ?

A company I recently consulted with asked me to create a Culture Fit Inventory in the recruitment process. When we sat down with the Human Resources team and found out what they wanted to do and what they expected to do, we agreed that it would be better to have the Values ​​Fit Inventory instead of Culture Fit.Culture Fit- Values Fit Inventories are the Concepts that Human Resource specialists are more familiar with. While planning to write an article on this subject, in the…

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